File Formats

File Formats

1.  The time limit you want for your product to be completed

2.  Format: GIF, EPS, AI, DXF, PLT, JPG, BMP, TIF, CDR, PCX etc.

3. A phone number where you can be reached during business hours, and any other special information that you would like to add.


arrow-l3 Cloth/ stuff on which the design is to be sewn.
arrow-l3 No of colors in which the designed should be punched.
arrow-l3 Requirement for 3D effect (by keeping rubber foam beneath the stitches).
arrow-l3 Maximum stitch requirement (if any).
arrow-l3 Preference for tatami (fill) or satin (jump) stitch (if any).
arrow-l3 Details of patch to be kept (if any).
arrow-l3 Size of the design. We are capable of sending the designs in the formats give below:
  • Tazima (.dst)
  • Barudan(.dsb)
  • Meclo (.exp)
  • Zeng/zsk (.dsz)
  • Pfaff(.ksm)
  • Happpy(.tap)
  • Toyota(.10o)
  • Tajima hd
  • Saurer hd
  • SDF
  • Melco SD
  • Melco DOS
  • Marco
  • Mitsubishi hd
  • Barudan FMC
  • Barudan FDR
  • Barudan 2hd
  • Juki