Terms Of Services

Our clients are our power. Everyone makes mistakes, even us. Therefore we are not financially responsible for any mistakes made in our digitizing process, it is not impossible that a line could be missing or even a word misspelled, You and your customer are the final verifier of our art work, So always inspect your received jobs, and do a trial run before you sew or engrave them on the final product.

If you have a problem with one of our files, it is your responsibility to contact us. We will correct the problem immediately.

We can supply the design in your required format, just metion inthe order form about the desired extension format. You can read more about digitizing file formats at

About CND files (Dos Condensed) Alot of our customers have absolutely no problem with our CND files. Other customers find that 1 of 5 will not work properly, and others are never able to use the .cnd files. We do not guarantee that any CND file will work perfectly, we will always send an EXP or DST that will work fine for the size and material specified.